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Dallas, Texas | February 2024

Be A Part Of The Annual Event Attended By  Home Inspectors Who Are Willing To Invest In Their Own Success

WHy Sponsor MISSION 24?

Mike Crow and Coach Blueprint invites you to join us in Dallas, TX for our Annual Home Inspector Management and Marketing Conference - the premier event focused on teaching Home Inspectors how to grow their business through sales and marketing...

There is no industry conference that matches the caliber, content, or value available here. No boring speakers or subjects at this event... Everything is staged to educate, motivate, and equip Inspection Business Owners to make 2024 their best year ever while continuing to grow their businesses faster than they ever thought possible.

Partnering with us in 2024 extends the opportunity for your company to connect with, and sell to, a targeted audience of Home Inspection Company Owners who are willing to invest their time and money to attend and learn how to grow their business.

Who is Mike Crow?

In 2003, Mike founded the Mastermind Inspector Community, a group dedicated to helping Home Inspectors across North America build their business in new and exciting ways, focused mainly on marketing and business systems. He created and operated the industry leading event "The 3 Days of Secrets Revealed" from 2004 to 2019. Over the years Mike has helped thousands of Home Inspection Companies learn and implement the processes he has developed to create millions of dollars in NEW sales, NEW opportunities, and NEW Revenue streams for their business. Now he's back with MISSION 24, and he's inviting you to partner with us to help a whole new generation of Home Inspection Business Owners!


Companies Who Want To Engage With BETTER Quality Inspection Company Owners Who KNOW How to Market and SELL. Unlike some events filled with a vast majority of whiners and complainers, our clients actually have invested a lot of time and effort into growing their business.
Sponsors who want to get in on the ground floor of the relaunch of Mike Crow's annual event for Home Inspectors! Mike and our team are bringing back the industry-leading, business-changing spirit of the original 3 Days of Secrets Revealed conferences held from 2004-2019, and we're so excited to have you be an integral part of the magic!
Sponsors Who Want To Participate In An Event With Fewer Sponsors To Compete With. We won’t have you stuffed into a sponsor hall with 100 other competitors. You’ll get front-and-center access for a full 2 Days. (2 Extra Days for Higher Level Sponsors)

Here's What Some of Our Past Sponsors Have Said...

This is the Best Sales Event for Me of My Entire Year!

There is no other place in the country, as a vendor, that I would rather be. I have so much support, and I receive so many benefits that makes this the best sales event for me of my entire year! They care about you being successful as a business, they want you to make sales. They get you in front of the people, they share your information and highlight you in front of their members, and make you feel like you are the only person they would ever use for the service you provide. If you have an opportunity to be a vendor , take advantage of it! Better yet, take the dive and Sponsor a lunch, or a cookie break... they will take you to a level you have never seen before in your business!"

Catherine Hall

203K in a Box

Mike Crow Literally Does it the Best!

These guys are absolutely amazing. I spend a lot of time on the road, going to different conferences all around the country. I get to hear a lot of speakers and see how everyone puts it on. Mike Crow literally does it the best... They actually teach these guys how to grow their business. It’s not just fluff content. It is teaching them specific ways to grow their business. That’s what sets them apart from a lot of the other conferences out there... It’s one of the best, out of the hundreds, that I go to every single year!"

Troy Howard


Finally Found A Place Where 90+% Of The Attendees ‘Get It’...

We make it a point to be at every one of Mike’s events, because this is by far the most profitable show in the industry. This show brings us more new clients each year than any other single marketing event, because the prospects that approach our booth are serious and dedicated business owners who know what they want and are ready to take action.

Tiger Downey


The People Coming Here are Not Chasing CEU's...

"This is my third year coming to Mike Crow's event... The people coming here are not chasing CEUs. They are actually excited about growing their business... I like the fact that we are Sponsors, not vendors, Mike puts us up on stage and gives us a few minutes to talk to everyone and introduce ourselves. It is a small venue where you don't have a lot of competition! I would recommend it for folks. If they talk to you about coming to the show, I would highly recommend it. The people here are outstanding and they really do want to grow their business, so if you can help them with that, they will want to talk to you!"

Christopher Casey

Monroe Infrared

Are you ready to experience Home Inspector Mission 24?


the father of home inspector marketing

Mike Crow

Mike Crow is a Marketing and Business Expert who has built and managed multiple 7-figure businesses, including 2 highly-successful Inspection Businesses. For the past 15+ years, he's coached thousands of home inspectors and has personally helped over 100 companies grow to $1,000,000+ in annual revenue. Mike can teach any business owner how to systematize and market their business to achieve their personal and professional goals.

America's Chief Profit Officer™

Davy Tyburski

Davy Tyburski is also known as America’s Chief Profit Officer®. He is the business advisor who has been at it for decades and has served $500K+ Entrepreneurs to $1B+ corporations including Microsoft, Kellogg's, FedEx, Manpower and the Walt Disney Company just to name a few. His Fractional Chief Operating Officer and public speaking client list continues to grow because he delivers what every entrepreneur, company, professional practitioner and organization wants: MORE PROFIT!


Secure your seat now for the year's most powerful
business-changing home inspector event of 2024!

Essentials (Good)

$97 (Early Bird)

Retail: $297.00

Essentials Ticket
Event Manual
BONUS: Ticket to Mike & Davy's Next Small Group Mastermind

Early Bird Admission available for a limited time

Enhanced (Better)

$297 (Early Bird)

Retail: $997.00

Enhanced Ticket
Event Manual
Lunch Thursday - Saturday
Private Q&A With Mike and Davy (each day before sessions begin)
BONUS: Ticket to Mike & Davy's Next Small Group Mastermind

Early Bird Admission available for a limited time

Best Value

VIP (Best)

$497 (Early Bird)

Retail: $1,497.00

Enhanced Ticket
Event Manual
Lunch Thursday - Saturday
Private Q&A With Mike and Davy (each day before sessions begin)
Physical Samples of  Marketing and Sales Materials Presented at Event
BONUS: Ticket to Mike & Davy's Next Small Group Mastermind

Early Bird Admission available for a limited time

You Literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain as you are completely covered by our...

* 10X Money Back Guarantee!

If after attending our event, you feel you did not get at least a 10X return on your investment, we will refund your entire admission plus reimburse you up to $500 in documented travel expenses.

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