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Chris and Dori Orf

Two Times the Inspections Last Year!
I’ve been with the Mastermind community for two years and this year we are doing two times as many inspections as we did last year. By June we were getting 50% of our inspections from brand new agents too. Just this year, we’ve gone up 25% in our capacity with inspectors!

Chris and Dori Orf, Saint Peters, Missouri
John Rodkey

Over $300,000 as a Single Inspector!
By engaging several of the Mastermind community concepts our business expanded from 451 inspections grossing $249,795.00 (averaging $553.00 per inspection) to 496 inspections grossing $301,045 (averaging $606.00 per inspection.) Beyond our wildest expectations we pressed past our projected capacity of $250,000.00 to have our best year yet. This is in spite of being a single inspector community and having been injured and unable to inspect for 10 weeks. I can only imagine where we’re heading!

John Rodkey, Pelham, Massachusetts
David Galbraith

This is my first mastermind group. After being introduced to Mike and working with Mike, I had never been a part of an actual mastermind group like this. So, I was intrigued with it. After my first meeting, I picked up one idea right away and incorporated it into our business and it made a huge difference. It was about “paying people to breathe.” That one idea was worth $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 a month, so like $180,000.00 annually!

Another thing I really appreciate about all of you is not only learning all these things, but you’re just as humble as Mike. Y’all just instill confidence in me. And that that means a lot to me!

David Galbraith
Gabrielle McCormack

It boils down to the 5 F’s. Financially, does the person have enough business or not? And if not, what is that costing you? Fitness if you're not able to work out or your health isn't where it needs to be. How much is that costing you? If you're not spending time with your family. How much is that costing you? How much is it costing you if you're not having fun? If your faith is suffering, what’s that costing you?

In most cases, those numbers are costing you more than the investment to be in this room!

Gabrielle McCormack

Meet Your Advisors

Mike Crow, Marketing Mentor and Business Coach

Mike Crow is a Marketing and Business Expert who has built and managed multiple 7-figure businesses, including both service businesses, and information marketing coaching niches. For the past 15 years, he's coached thousands of other business owners and business coaches and has personally helped over 90 companies grow to $1,000,000+ in annual revenue. Mike can teach any entrepreneur how to systematize and market their business to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Davy Tyburski, America’s Chief Profit Officer®

Davy Tyburski is also known as America’s Chief Profit Officer®. He is the business advisor who has been at it for decades and has served $500K+ Entrepreneurs to $1B+ corporations including Microsoft, Kellogg's, FedEx, Manpower and the Walt Disney Company just to name a few. His Fractional Chief Operating Officer and public speaking client list continues to grow because he delivers what every entrepreneur, company, professional practitioner and organization wants: MORE PROFIT!.

His real-world experience in leading high-performance teams in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Operations and getting paid is what sets him apart from the other 99% of business consultants and coaches in the world.

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